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The Tribal Lion Dabit Card™ from the V Syndicate is the newest innovation in oil technology.

The back of the card features a unique full color lion head design.

All Dabit Cards™ are constructed from a heavy duty surgical grade stainless steel plate and incorporates 4 double headed oil tools, along with our patented grind surface.

Comes with a food grade silicone case that helps cover and protect your tools and keeps the Dabit Card™ clean during transit.

The Dabit Card™ is an essential part of any herb or oil transaction.

Tools: The tools attach to the plate using magnets and fit snug in specially shaped grooves making it easy to store.

Packer – Features a flat end, perfect for packing vape pens, and a thinner tool end for cleaning and reaching into touch spots.
Spork – Features a spoon like tip with a hole in the middle for handling larger amounts of oil efficiently and allow heat to pass through and a fork that allows easy transfer of large slippery chunks.
Scraper – Features two angled edges that are great for scraping oil residue and accessing hard to reach areas.
Poker – Features skinny and medium tips for poking and cleaning.

Grinder: The Dabit Card™ features our patented grinder strip using a fine texture, perfect for grinding herbs for vape pens.